Friday, October 2, 2009

Pamela Ford's October Release and Contest

Pamela Ford's newest Super Romance, Her Best Bet, releases October 16.

Blurb: If he finds out who she is, all bets are off.

Face her ten-year reunion as a lowly traffic manager? No way. Izzy Gordon is going to realize her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Her documentary about an old Wisconsin lodge and its gangster history is sure to be a winner. And she’s got an ace up her sleeve, since her family owns the land.

Too bad this film drops her into a brewing feud. Seems her family wants to sell the property and the lodge owners are fighting to stay open. They’ve drafted Gib Murphy — globe-trotting photojournalist and prodigal grandson — to stack their hand. Wow. Could this get worse? Apparently it could, because she’s developing a thing for Gib…one he’s returning. So at what point does her bluff get called and she has to confess her real identity?

To celebrate, Pam is sponsoring two contest during the month of October. For details, visit the contest page of her website at