Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gordon Aalborg's site update and upcoming books

Gordon Aalborg invites you to come visit his updated web site and check out his two new books, which will release early next year.

The Horse-Tamer's Challenge is a Five Star Romance of the Old West by G.K. Aalborg, releasing in February, 2009.

In the aftermath of the Custer debacle, Rebecca Susan Bennett's dying father had sworn her to rescue her twin sister Amy—an Indian captive—or kill her!“You might be keeping that promise on your own death bed,” was the reaction from Lucas Swallow, bound by his honor to help Rebecca if he could.

Dining with Devils is a Five Star Original Mystery by Gordon Aalborg releasing in April, 2009.
Tasmanian police Sgt. Charlie Banes’ rush to save his friends and end a killing spree is a race against time through the eucalypt forests of Tasmania’s east-coast highlands. Aided by a cranky old bushman and his even-crankier Jack Russell terrier, Charlie also has help from the ubiquitous Tasmanian Devils … world-class scavengers with their own ideas about appropriate table manners.