Friday, May 16, 2008

New Large Print Mystery (Barbara Colley)

Wash and Die by Barbara Colley - large print edition
, Book 7 in Barbara Colley's popular Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series, is now available in large print!

Charlotte LaRue, owner of New Orleans’ Maid for a Day cleaning service, is swept into jeopardy when an uninvited guest arrives on her doorstep...

As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished." Charlotte LaRue knows she should take a broom and chase Joyce Thibodeaux off her front porch. Once married to Charlotte’s tenant Louis Thibodeaux, Joyce is fresh out of detox for her alcoholism and has no place to go. She swears she’s clean and sober and will find her own place in a few days. She pulls on Charlotte’s heartstrings...and soon she’s staying in Charlotte’s guest room.

Charlotte survived Hurricane Katrina, but Joyce proves to be an ill wind of a different kind. Soon a valuable gold watch left to Charlotte by her father is missing, and worse, a stranger is watching the house. Charlotte knows she has to show Joyce the door, but she never gets the chance. Instead her beloved parakeet Sweety Boy vanishes, her living room gets trashed, and Joyce ends up in the middle of the mess...stone cold dead.

Now Charlotte is on the list of murder suspects along with Louis, who’s been out of town on business...or has he? Finding the answers means doing a little snooping herself. Grabbing her mop she’s starting with the hospital where Joyce last stayed: a place with skeletons in its closets and a bucket full of clues that just might lead to a killer.

Read an excerpt at . Large print release date: May 16, 2008.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coming Soon from Shari Anton...

Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton

(Warner, July 2008) is the eagerly awaited third book of 's 'Magic Trilogy'.

Visit Shari's freshly updated web site at for a chapter preview and more details about this exciting series.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Author News: Pamela Ford

The Sister Switch by Pamela Ford - 2008 Golden Quill Finalist

The Sister Switch by is a 2008 Golden Quill Finalist!

It’s the beginning of the end of her ordinary life . . .

What single mother Nora Clark knows about style would fit on the head of a pin. Yet with her identical twin begging her to cover a personal shopping assignment and save a bank balance sinking like the Titanic, she wriggles into her sister’s minis and does what she has to do.

But backtracking on her borrowed stilettos seems like the smarter move, when her sister’s "client" turns out to be a surgeon at the hospital where Nora works in real life.

The attraction between Nora and Erick is undeniable, but what will happen once he discovers the truth about her lies?

Visit for an excerpt.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Author Contests for May!

New Author Contests - Enter to WinTell your favorite book settings and you'll be entered to win an autographed book from this award-winning author of the Nightcreature Novels. Enter by: May 31 at midnight (USA EST).

Next, visit 's freshly updated site where one lucky winner will receive a personally autographed copy of her upcoming release, Magic in His Kiss, plus a special bonus gift from Shari. Entry deadline: July 31 correction: June 30 at midnight (USA EST).