Monday, April 7, 2008

New This Week: Mothers of the Year (Lori Handeland)

Mothers of the Year, anthology featuring Lori HandelandEvery woman comes to motherhood in her own way...

In Mommy for Rent by , it's when a Rent-a-Mommy job for the Mother's Day Picnic turns into the real thing.

In Along Came a Daughter by Rebecca Winters, it's the day a daughter goes to work for her dream mom...and then has to wait for her dad to fall in love.

In Baby Steps by Anna DeStefano, it takes a troubled little boy to help a woman take baby steps toward a loving future with her husband.

Three stories of mothers' joy, laughter ... and exasperation! Look for Mothers of the Year at your favorite bookseller starting April 8th. Just in time for Mother's Day!