Thursday, March 18, 2010

Laura Joh Rowland Website Update

Laura Joh Rowland's website ( has been updated with news about her latest book, "Bedlam: The Further Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte," due to be released in May 2010.

1851. Victorian England enters its golden age of prosperity and worldwide power. Charlotte Brontë has revealed herself as the best selling author of Jane Eyre and is the toast of literary London. Yet she yearns for her true love John Slade, the dashing secret agent, whom she hasn't seen or heard from in three years. While researching topics for her next novel, she tours Bedlam, the notorious London insane asylum, and glimpses a wild, raving madman. It's Slade--or so it seems, even though Charlotte thought he was in Russia on assignment. When she goes back for a closer look, she learns that the madman has escaped and two nurses have been savagely murdered. Was the madman really Slade? Is he also the killer? Charlotte begins a search for Slade. It takes her from his superior at the Foreign Office, who says he's a traitor, to the slum of Whitechapel, where a murderer akin to Jack the Ripper stalks the streets, from Ireland to France, and from Bedlam and Newgate Prison to the Great Exhibition in London. She clashes with Queen Victoria and Wilhelm Stieber, the famous Prussian spy. Her quest leads her to the reunion of her dreams with Slade, and a stunning discovery: a secret that could determine the outcome of a war between England and Russia, its political rival--or destroy the world.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Release from Victoria Alexander

Now, in time for the holidays, a classic returns: Believe, by Victoria Alexander.

In Victoria's own words:
Dear Readers,

Believe was one of those books I had wanted to write for a long time.

It's the story of a relatively rational, thoroughly modern woman who doesn't believe in myths or magic. Until she meets a legendary knight in a time long ago and learns love is the greatest magic of all.

First released in 1998, Avon has given it a fabulous new cover. And I've added a little bit of Christmas. Because, after all, what better time of year than the holidays is there to Believe?

All the best,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pamela Ford's October Release and Contest

Pamela Ford's newest Super Romance, Her Best Bet, releases October 16.

Blurb: If he finds out who she is, all bets are off.

Face her ten-year reunion as a lowly traffic manager? No way. Izzy Gordon is going to realize her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Her documentary about an old Wisconsin lodge and its gangster history is sure to be a winner. And she’s got an ace up her sleeve, since her family owns the land.

Too bad this film drops her into a brewing feud. Seems her family wants to sell the property and the lodge owners are fighting to stay open. They’ve drafted Gib Murphy — globe-trotting photojournalist and prodigal grandson — to stack their hand. Wow. Could this get worse? Apparently it could, because she’s developing a thing for Gib…one he’s returning. So at what point does her bluff get called and she has to confess her real identity?

To celebrate, Pam is sponsoring two contest during the month of October. For details, visit the contest page of her website at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lurlene McDaniel Website Update

Lurlene McDaniel's website has been updated with news about her latest book, "True Love," due to be released in December 2009.

This new release contains three of Lurlene's novels, Don't Die, My Love, I'll Be Seeing You, and A Rose for Melinda. Don't miss it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lynn Miller Website Update

Lynn Miller's website has been updated with news about her latest book, "The Fireman's Christmas," due to be released in November 2009.


Widowed firefighter Danny Santori needs a miracle. Or at least a full-time babysitter who can handle his four lively kids. With a son and daughter to raise, busy landscape designer Tessa Doherty could also use some divine intervention. All they have to do is take turns watching each other's children what could be simpler?

Doing double duty as a stand-in nanny is wreaking havoc with Tessa's life. And her irresistible attraction to the roguishly charming single dad is a complication the fiercely independent career woman doesn't want or need.

Danny isn't trying to stand in the way of Tessa's dreams and goals. But he's hoping she'll see that five plus three equals . . . one family!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laura Joh Rowland Website Update

Laura Joh Rowland's website ( has been updated with news about her latest book, "The Cloud Pavilion," due to be released in November 2009.

Japan, 1701. A woman is brutally attacked within a nightmarish storm of swirling clouds. Meanwhile, at Edo Castle, samurai detective turned chamberlain Sano Ichiro is suspicious of his old rival, Yanagisawa, who has been oddly cooperative since returning from exile. But just as Yanagisawa's true motives begin to emerge, Sano's estranged uncle comes to him for help: His daughter has disappeared, and he begs Sano to find her before it is too late.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Barbara Colley Website Update

Barbara Colley's website ( has been updated with news about her latest book, "Dusted to Death," due to be released in January 2010.

As the owner of Maid for a Day, Charlotte LaRue has learned that behind closed doors, everyone's dirty laundry holds a few dark secrets—and in the end, they all come out in the wash...

The city of New Orleans has long been a favorite backdrop for movie producers, and now one of Charlotte's best clients, Bitsy Duhe, is getting in on the action. A big Hollywood studio wants to use Bitsy's gorgeous Victorian house for a movie shoot and they are willing to pay her handsomely for the honor. Bitsy consents, but only after Charlotte agrees to take care of her beloved home during the shoot and keep the place spotless as only Charlotte can. For Charlotte, the assignment is an exciting change of pace. On the first day, she meets the whole cast and crew, including one of Hollywood's hottest ingénues, Angel Martinique. But Charlotte quickly discovers that Angel's G-rated reputation is nothing like her off-camera, diva-like behavior. Angel, it turns out, is no angel at all ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lurlene McDaniel Website Update

Lurlene McDaniel's website ( has been updated with news about her latest book, "Breathless," due to be released in May 2009.

What is the toughest request anyone can be asked to fulfill?

Travis Morrison is a champion diver and one of the most popular kids at school. On the first day of summer vacation, while boating on the lake with his friends, Travis attempts a silly stunt dive that goes wrong. He fears he has broken his leg. Instead, his trip to the hospital reveals he has a rare form of cancer, and to save him, the doctors tell his parents they must amputate. In an instant, Travis’s life and the lives of everyone around him are forever changed.

Travis is determined that he and only he should decide the course of his life. He has a plan, but he can’t carry it out alone. Will he convince one of his friends to fulfill his most important request?

Lurlene McDaniel tackles a controversial subject, probing the issues of personal choice and quality of life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Robin Wells - site update and new book coming

Robin Wells' website ( has been updated with a new look for the home page and news about her forthcoming release, HOW TO SCORE. HOW TO SCORE will release in June of this year.

Museum curator Sammi Matthews isn't just in a dating slump, she's putting men on the injured list. After giving one date a black eye and cracking another's rib, Sammi decides she needs professional help. Enter life coach Luke Jones, who advises Sammi on how to overcome her klutziness. And their phone sessions work! Sammi soon meets a sexy FBI agent who seems to know just what she needs.

When his brother Luke goes into federal protection, FBI Special Agent Chase Jones agrees to cover for him. Then Sammi's hot voice sizzles down the line, and the usual "phone only" rule is out. With "Luke" coaching her by day, and Chase dating her by night, Sammi's confidence soars, along with her appeal. Chase falls hard, but how will Sammi feel if and when he comes clean? Chase would rather she break all his bones than risk breaking her heart.

Bloggers and reviewers: find out how you can get an ARC for review at Robin's site!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Website update and upcoming book from Mary Paine

Visit Mary Paine's updated website and read an excerpt from her upcoming book, NEVER TRUST A MATCHMAKING WITCH.

A group of fun-loving witches' favorite hobby is matchmaking for their mortal friends, including Susan and Brad. But when Susan first encounters their powers, including a wolf-whistling cabinet and a disappearing cat, she begins to wonder if Brad's passion for her is real or part of a spell.

NEVER TRUST A MATCHMAKING WITCH is available for pre-order at

Discover more about Mary at .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Author Contest for November!

New Author Contests - Enter to WinVisit 's site where one lucky winner will receive an autographed book from among those in Shari's backlist! Entry deadline: January 15, 2009 at midnight (USA EST).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gordon Aalborg's site update and upcoming books

Gordon Aalborg invites you to come visit his updated web site and check out his two new books, which will release early next year.

The Horse-Tamer's Challenge is a Five Star Romance of the Old West by G.K. Aalborg, releasing in February, 2009.

In the aftermath of the Custer debacle, Rebecca Susan Bennett's dying father had sworn her to rescue her twin sister Amy—an Indian captive—or kill her!“You might be keeping that promise on your own death bed,” was the reaction from Lucas Swallow, bound by his honor to help Rebecca if he could.

Dining with Devils is a Five Star Original Mystery by Gordon Aalborg releasing in April, 2009.
Tasmanian police Sgt. Charlie Banes’ rush to save his friends and end a killing spree is a race against time through the eucalypt forests of Tasmania’s east-coast highlands. Aided by a cranky old bushman and his even-crankier Jack Russell terrier, Charlie also has help from the ubiquitous Tasmanian Devils … world-class scavengers with their own ideas about appropriate table manners.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pamela Ford's New Look and New Book!

Pamela Ford invites you to come and visit her new web site.

She has an all-new look to celebrate the release of her October Super romance from Harlequin, THE WEDDING HEIRESS.

Blurb: Who’d have thought that Delaney McBride would come back to her Wisconsin hometown—where Mike Connery still lives!—to plan weddings? Not Delaney, the upwardly mobile career woman who doesn’t believe in storybook endings. Certainly not Delaney, the insecure teenager who never got over her girlhood crush on Mike.
If it weren’t for her inheritance, Delaney would be so out of there, as far away from the irresistible-as-ever man as she could get. But it’s either take over her great-aunt’s wedding-planning business or lose everything. So here she is, creating happy endings for real-life Cinderellas while still secretly pining for Mike. At the rate she’s going, Delaney’s heading straight for happily never after. Unless—is it possible?—the single father is just as secretly pining for her.…

4-1/2 STARS! “Enhanced by a mystery, THE WEDDING HEIRESS is a fast-paced and fun novel. Full of zany characters and a few mishaps, it’s a delight.”
-Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine
Come and visit Pam's revamped web site by clicking here!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Author Contests for September & October!

New Author Contests - Enter to WinCheck 's site to find out the title of the free prequel short story that introduces The Phoenix Chronicles, and you'll be entered to win a signed ARC (advanced reading copy) of ANY GIVEN DOOMSDAY. Enter by: September 30 at midnight (USA EST).

Next, visit 's site where one lucky winner will receive personally autographed copies of the three books in her Magic series. Entry deadline: October 31 at midnight (USA EST).